Liam Gallagher Believes Noel Will Agree to Oasis Reunion Very Soon

While Noel has poured cold water to rumors the rock band had received an offer to reunite, Liam claims his estranged brother will cave in to the proposal because of his faltering solo career.

AceShowbizLiam Gallagher is predicting his estranged brother Noel Gallagher will agree to an Oasis reunion “soon” as his solo career is faltering.

The elder Gallagher brother, 52, recently poured cold water on rumours he and Liam, 47, have buried the hatchet and denied they had received an offer to reunite.

However, the “Wall of Glass” hitmaker says both he and Noel have received offers, and he’s sure that his sibling will do it for the money.

“Let me tell you this: it has been offered and he knows about it,” Liam tells Britain’s NME website. “He’s obviously gonna say no, because he’d like to be the person to break the news to people because he’s the f**king oracle.”

He adds that they got a proposal in the “last couple of weeks” before adding he thinks an agreement is imminent.

“It is gonna happen, believe you me – it’s gonna happen very f**king soon because he’s greedy and he loves money and he knows that it’s got to happen soon or it won’t happen.”

Explaining why his brother would relent after a decade of open hostilities, he cites Noel’s ticket sales – and the fact that he failed to sell out a gig in their native Manchester, England.

“That c**t can’t even f**king sell out (the) Apollo in Manchester – 3000 capacity in his own f**king town, the f**king embarrassing, f**king doughnut,” he jokes, going on to mock his brother’s music as not good enough for a reunited Oasis.

“I’d do a record, but listen, it depends on what kind of record it is,” Liam continues. “If it’s anything like that s**t he’s putting out at the moment, I don’t think anyone wants that. I think people would give you £100 million not to f**king make that record, you know what I mean?”

“They’d just go, ‘Yeah, look, here’s 100 million quid for the tour and here’s another 100 million quid to not make a record like that.’ “

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