Lizzo Accused of Denying Songwriters’ ‘Credits and Royalties’ in ‘Truth Hurts’ Legal Battle

The ‘Good as Hell’ rapper has been slapped with a countersuit by the Raisen brothers and Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman, who claim they took part in the writing session for ‘Truth Hurts’.

AceShowbiz -Hip-hop star Lizzo has been slapped with a countersuit over the songwriting credits for her smash hit “Truth Hurts”.

Brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, along with Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman, first took issue with the tune on social media last year (2019), claiming they were part of an April, 2017 writing session with Lizzo, which produced the demo, “Healthy”.

They allege the version they worked on included the famous line, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 per cent that b**ch” – but they were never properly acknowledged.

Lizzo refuted the accusations online and then launched legal action against them in October, seeking a declaratory judgement after insisting they “did not help me write any part” of the Grammy-winning track.

Now the Raisens and Rothman are fighting back with their own “bad faith” suit, accusing Lizzo of the “unprincipled attempt to deny songwriting and producer credits and royalties” to the trio.

“Lizzo would never have collected her Grammy Award (for Best Pop Solo Performance) but for the songwriting and producing contributions of (the Raisens and Rothman),” they declare in the U.S. court filing.

They are now keen to have the dispute play out in court so they can prove their involvement in the creation of the tune.

“When the case proceeds to trial, we look forward to sharing the sound recordings, videos, photographs and musicology that 100 per cent prove that collaboration,” their lawyers share in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“Our clients deserve their fair share of the recognition and revenue that comes from collaborating on a hit song.”

Lizzo has yet to respond to the countersuit.

She had previously agreed to extend a credit for the song to Mina Lioness, the singer who originally came up with the “DNA test” line in a 2017 tweet.

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