Man Calmly Confesses to Killing Ex-GF En Route to Do Same to Ex-Wife in Chilling Facebook Live Video

"Oh, here's my ex-wife right here… today's the day."

Three people are dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Baltimore — after the suspect live-streamed halfway through.

Police say Rajaee Shareef Black, 44, shot his ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old Tara Labang dead inside a home in South Baltimore, before travelling to Columbia to kill his ex-wife Wendy Natalie Black, 42, and then taking his own life.

Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison told reporters Sunday that officers responding to a 911 call at the first home arrived around 1:30 PM to find a rear door kicked in, and the body of a female victim inside suffering gunshot wounds.

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“While officers and detectives were on the scene, information became available that the suspect in this case was headed to another jurisdiction out of county to commit another homicide, and eventual suicide,” he said.

“We have now confirmed that this suspect did go to Howard County after leaving this location and committed another homicide and then committed suicide.”

It soon emerged that Black had posted a Facebook Live video, confessing to the first murder, after arriving at his ex-wife’s home to commit the second.

“For everybody out there that supported me and really knows what’s going on, thank you all,” Black tells the camera in the chilling 90-second clip:

“I’ve been going through a custody battle… I’ve been going through having my ex-wife saying I molested my children, all kinds of craziness, been fighting for custody for three years… shit has been real crazy.”

“Been going through it with my ex-wife, blah blah blah… I started dating somebody new, and she got pregnant and um… we got in a fight and the first thing she does, is threatening that she’s gonna to do the same thing, never gonna see your kids… It’s the holidays man, I don’t have a family, nothing.”

Eerily calm, he continues: “Anyway, I just did something crazy, man. I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head. Felt like a dream… I never thought I would be that guy.”

“I can’t go to prison. The person who really started my depression in all of this is my ex-wife… so she next. And then I’m gonna do myself too.”

“But I just wanted to say this to people: Don’t play with people’s emotions, man. Don’t lie on these men…”

The video takes an even more disturbing turn, as a door is heard opening beside him.

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“Oh, here’s my ex-wife right here,” he announces, before making a dash for the door and running inside.

He says three final words to the person off screen before the video abruptly cuts off: “Today’s the day.”

Commissioner Harrison said police in Howard were immediately notified as soon as they became aware of what was happening — but it was too late. They believe the killings took place less than an hour apart.

Shortly after the shootings, Police discovered the Blacks’ two young children in his gray BMW in the apartment complex parking lot, unharmed. They did not witness the shootings, police said. They have since been taken to a “safe environment.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, court records show that the Blacks had been embroiled in a bitter custody battle for years, with almost monthly court filings stretching back to July 2018. There are also several domestic violence cases filed against Rajaee Black, but were either dropped or dismissed by a judge.

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There was also a domestic violence case filed against Wendy Black in October 2018, but it too was dismissed.

According to the outlet, both Blacks worked as anesthetist nurses; in January Rajaee Black filed a federal lawsuit against University of Maryland Medical System claiming he had been wrongfully fired in April of last year for exposing a doctor who was allegedly stashing drugs in his locker. He claimed he was outed as a whistleblower, and other staff refused to work with him, forcing him to “risk his life” by working as a regular nurse at a New York hospital at the height of the Covid pandemic.

A hospital spokesperson told the outlet that case was still pending.

Speaking to reporters after the shootings Sunday, Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott said three lives had been lost “simply because someone doesn’t know how to move on.”

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