Married At First Sight is looking for contestants for the new series

From Love Island to Love Is Blind, dating shows are taking the reality world by storm as of late and if you’re someone wanting to get involved then you’ll be pleased to know that dating show ‘Married At First Sight’ is on the look-out for participants.

Yes, if you’ve always dreamt of marrying a total stranger then today is your lucky day, because Channel 4 is hunting for participants and you could be one of them if you can’t stop hearing wedding bells and you’ve been eyeing up white dresses more than usual.

However the catch is that you must be aged 18 or over if you want to apply and the selection process is closing soon so if you’re going to apply then think fast!

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If you’re wondering what Married At First Sight is all about then really you only need to look at the name of the show.

But if you need more context then it’s basically about two strangers who meet for the very first time on their big day and before the wedding a panel of experts go about matching the couples up using science, quizzes and technology to do so.

Those involved in the matching-up process include a a psychologist, an evolutionary anthropologist and a psycho-sexual therapist. And there are all sorts of tasks, from personality-based exams to interviews and a ‘hair strand test’ for the contestants to go through. All in all, it’s a pretty meticulous process!

Plus, if that wasn’t enough to give you the pre-wedding jitters, all of the participants are also analysed on things like family values, future ambitions and more.

Of course, some don’t end up making it down the aisle and some of those that do have since opted for a divorce just days after getting hitched – not to put you off!

So, without further ado, could you be saying a successful ‘I Do’ on the next series of the show?

If so, and you’re willing to try your luck, then simply email your name, age, and contact number to [email protected] – et voila! The rest is left in the hands of love… or ITV, rather!

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Channel 4 has explained it cannot get back to everyone due to a high number of applicants, and you can find out more on the programme’s website.

Another dating show which has captivated audiences lately is Netflix’s new show ‘Love Is Blind’ which has got people hooked as a result of its experimental nature.

The dating series sees a handful of singletons enter soundproofed “pods” where they then date other singles but they can’t see their companion.

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The only thing they have to go on is their voice and their conversation, so kind of like the dating version of The Voice.

When the daters are dating they are stripped of all their belongings, including mobile phones and they live on-set with the rest of the participants, only they’re separated by gender.

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The experimental show then sees the couples who are still interested in going ahead with the experiment get engaged after 10 days. And if both members agree to the coupling then they meet for the first time, before jetting off on a holiday to Mexico.

But it’s all about surviving the honeymoon period and, if they do, then they head back to their normal lives for four weeks and live together, introducing their partner to their friends and family.

After a month it’s time to get married and they choose if they want to continue a life together.

The premise? Figuring out whether an emotional connection makes love blind!

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