Martin Lewis shares eBay and Facebook tricks to make you hundreds of pounds this weekend

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The lockdown has no doubt meant a lot of decluttering as Britons were forced to spend more time at home. But with the final Bank Holiday weekend of the summer coming up, it may be time for another clear out – and it’s a good chance to make some extra cash. Martin Lewis has revealed his top tips for selling your unwanted items online.

In the latest Money Saving Expert (MSE) newsletter, the expert has shared how you could make hundreds of pounds if you put your mind to it this weekend. 

The journalist has compiled two comprehensive guides on the MSE website to provide sellers with a “crash course” on how to make the most money on auction sites and social media marketplaces. 

MSE revealed that sellers regularly post in the eBay forum to say they make hundreds of pounds a year simply by listing unwanted goods on the popular website. 

So if you’re planning a wardrobe clear out or even think you have a few antiques or household items that are going to waste, here’s what Martin’s team recommend in order to get the cash rolling in.  

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Sell on Facebook to avoid fees

While eBay is the best-known website for selling second-hand goods around the globe, Facebook is quickly catching up as one of the most popular platforms because it could save sellers money. 

Facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace won’t charge any fees, so you get to keep all the cash, while eBay takes 10 percent of the total transaction. 

However, Facebook works best if you’re selling locally – a little like Gumtree – whereas eBay gives you a wider audience since buyers are expecting to get the item posted. 

Even faulty items can sell

The MSE team recommended selling anything and everything rather than putting it in the bin. 

Many shoppers will be looking for spare parts, or will be happy to buy something cheap and fix it themselves. 

Even used carrier bags, magazine cosmetic samples and broken toys can be sold, according to the money-saving team. 

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Use the one-year rule to declutter 

Martin’s top tip for anyone looking around their home for things to sell is to apply a one-year rule. 

If you haven’t used something for 12 months, it’s time to sell it. 

However, not everything will necessarily fly off the online shelves. 

The expert advised that new items, still wrapped in cellophane or with tags on, will sell for a higher price. 

Branded goods will also sell better as buyers will trust the label – so make sure you include brand names in your listing to boost its search rankings. 

You can also offer what’s called a “job lot” if you have lots of similar items, such as a heap of baby clothes – simply sell them as a bundle to save time. 

Nineties nostalgia sells 

While it may seem like it was just a few years ago for some, many items from the 1990s are already considered to be vintage – which means all your childhood favourites could now be worth hundreds. 

Martin revealed that 90s music clothing such as a Nirvana t-shirt could sell for up to £600, while an old pair of Dr Martens boots or Laura Ashley’s heritage dresses could fetch up to £150. 

Old gadgets are also more popular than ever, with Sony Walkmans selling for up to £350 and even original iPods could make you almost £200. 

Your retro toys could fetch a tidy sum too – dig out your My Little Ponies, Polly Pockets or Tamagotchis to top up your bank balance. 

End your auction on a Sunday

The money saving team suggested ending your eBay auctions on a Sunday evening, as it’s the busiest time for the site. 

Don’t worry if you’re uploading it at the wrong time either – you can schedule 20 of your listings for free so that they start and end at the best times. 

Use eBay to price your Facebook Marketplace products

Martin advised checking the “completed listings” on eBay through its advanced search option in order to get an idea of how much something has recently sold for. 

You can then price it slightly higher than you want, in order to leave room for haggling – and you may even end up with more than you expected. 

Search Facebook for “wanted” ads

For those wishing to sell their junk through Facebook groups, they can get in there quick by having a look through previous posts to see if there are any “wanted” ads.

Someone local might be looking for something you’ve got hidden away and hadn’t thought to sell, giving you the chance to make some quick cash. 

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