Middle-aged UK trolls of climate activist Greta Thunberg exposed online

The spotlight has landed on middle-aged men who taunted and threatened a teenage climate activist when she visited Bristol.

There was a great deal of excitement in the week after Greta Thunberg announced she would visit the west England city and join a climate protest.

Tens of thousands of people joined her on a march and watched her speak, in a high profile appearance covered by the Mirror's sister publication Bristol Post in great depth.

Following in the wake of the outlet's coverage were thousands of comments, many positive, but also many negative.

They questioned the validity of climate science, suggested school children should not be able to go on strike, complained about disruption in the city and noted that young people have carbon footprints.

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There was also a lot of people that focused on Thunberg herself, a 17-year-old Swedish teenager who travels the world calling for action to tackle climate change.

Amongst swathes of abuse were comments calling for and inciting violence against her and other young climate activists.

Some had even called for people on social media to ‘be kind’ following the death of TV presenter Caroline Flack.

The Bristol Post decided to give some of those responsible a platform on its website.

Kev Bennett

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Kev suggested that someone should grab Thunberg by her hair and swing her around.

"Can someone grab her pigtails and ms trunchable her over the fence," he wrote, referencing the infamous Roald Dahl character.

When questioned by other Facebook users on the thread, Kev said she was 'not a young child' and 'also a product of Antifa parents'.

Stevie Ralph-Taylor

Stevie's contribution to the debate was simple.

On a post outlining the route of the march, he said: "She should be burnt at the stake!"

Max Poncho Morgan

On a post discussing the School Strike for Climate, which Thunberg was a trailblazer of, Max said: "milkshakes at the ready".

The comment appears to be a reference to the 2019 street trend of throwing milkshakes at public figures, including Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage.

Max recently changed his Facebook profile to include a 'Be Kind' filter – a phrase of advice much-used following the death of TV presenter Caroline Flack.

Kevin Bird


On a Bristol City Council post warning about the possibilities of crowd crushes, Kevin offered his two cents.

"Crush the b***h. Sounds good to me. Send her home," he wrote.

Ash Ashfaq (and Spencer Trump)

In a thread on Facebook in which the changes to the bus routes and road closures was discussed, Ash Ashfaq called for Greta Thunberg's parents to physically assault her.

The father of young children wrote: "Her parents need to slap her with a brick."

Under this, another man, Spencer Trump, commented: "Send her back the way she should be in flat pack as that's what Sweden is famous for."

Anthony Hoskins

Apparently concerned about the size of the expected gathering Anthony suggested a form of crowd control.

He wrote: "If i had a chance i would borrow a fire engine on friday and spray the lot of the morons with water cannon, the people are turning on these morons, read all the comments on here" [sic]

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