Million-Dollar Guest Appearances: The 8 Most Expensive Cameos In Movie History

Having famous and prominent actors take a brief appearance in a movie is such a lovely a surprise for the fans. Usually, producers ask actors to make appearances in the movies in which they hold some special significance or famous actors making unaccredited appearances. Brief appearances by film directors, politicians, athletes, musicians and celebrities in a film are pretty common. A famous actor’s cameo makes the film hilarious or more memorable to the audience which is probably the reason why a lot of film makers do it. Among the most expensive cameo in the movie history is listed below.

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8 Marlon Brando in Superman

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American actor Marlon Brando has appeared in Superman as the father of the Kryptonian protagonist, Jor-El in 1978. In the said film, the two-time Oscar winner only had about 10 minute airtime as his cameo which he was paid around $3.7 million. After a gross result of $300 million in the worldwide box office, he then negotiated for additional bonus for his cameo. The Godfather succeeded to get a part of the film’s box office which made the total payment for him of $19 million for a 10 minute scene.

7 Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2

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American actor Brad Pitt appeared in Deadpool 2 as the character and mutant super villain Vanisher. The two-time Oscar winner only appeared in the sequel film of Deadpool for less than two seconds. The face of Vanisher was never revealed in the film however the X-force was forced to skydive from the plane which made them see his face. The said scene only took about 30 minutes to shoot and he only received about a thousand dollars for this cameo.

6 Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5

The fifth installment of the horror movie spoof franchise Scary Movie 5 is notable for the scene of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan on it. The said scene was only a cameo for the two actors. The Two and a Half Men star shared a scene with Lohan in a supposed bed scene. Charlie Sheen was reportedly paid $250,000 for his one day’s work on the set.

5 Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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American actor and voice actor Mark Hamill landed a pretty good deal with the Lucas film for doing a few seconds and non-dialogue cameo in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As the Luke Skywalker, fans did expect him to have at least a cameo on the recent Star Wars franchise. Since the film belongs to the one of the most famous franchise in the movie history, Mark Hamill asked for a $1 million fee for doing the cameo and he definitely got it.

4 Sean Connery in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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With the great line up of Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and Kevin Costner in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, fans were ecstatic when the film hit the movie theatres in 1991. What they did not know is that they are in for a much better surprise since the movie had a cameo by Sean Connery playing as Ricardo Corazón de León. The said role made Sean Connery about $500,000 richer. With the goodness of his heart, Connery donated half of the money to some charities.

3 Dwayne Johnson in The Other Two

The Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg starrer film made headlines when the posters and trailers of the movie were released since Dwayne Johnson appeared in them. The fans of American actor, businessman, and former professional wrestler actually thought that he was indeed part of the movie, turns out that it was only a cameo. The Rock’s character lost his life when he jumped off the building. He was paid about $9 million for the said cameo which did not even reached half of the movie.

2 Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class

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X-men fans were surprised when Hugh Jackman reprised his role as Wolverine in the movie X-Men: First Class. His uncredited cameo scene took place in a bar where he had an encounter with Xavier and Lehnsherr. Hugh Jackman’s scene did not even reached 20 seconds on the screen and the Australian actor apparently did not receive cash to do the scene. He only had two conditions to do it, one is that FOX would be donating money to his children’s school and two is that he is the only one to cuss to the main characters.

1 Alex Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross: Success at Any Cost

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Alec Baldwin had a short stint in the film Glengarry Glen Ross: Success at Any Cost as a salesman who motivates the employees by insulting them. The movie starring Jonathan Pryce, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey and Al Pacino was made better with Alec Baldwin in the mix. Baldwin’s scene was filmed for about three days and he reportedly received around $250,000 for doing the cameo.

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