Mum stabbed dad to death in front of children in ‘truly horrifying’ attack

An abusive wife who stabbed her husband to death in front of their terrified children has been jailed for life.

Kumarathas Rajasingam, 57, was knifed in the ribcage by his wife Jeyamalar Kumarathas, 55, as their daughter and autistic son helplessly watched "true horror" unfold before their eyes, a court was told.

The couple's 26-year-old daughter Elaxana was forced to wrestle a five-inch blade off her mother – and then burst into tears when she saw her "proud, confident, and social" father bloodied.

During an eight-day murder trial, Norfolk Crown Court heard how on the night of his death, Kumarathas, of Wymondham, Norfolk, threw insults at her husband and called him a "sleaze and a womaniser".

The violent attack – during which she also stabbed Mr Rajasingam in the back – followed a row after a family meal on March 16 last year.

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Emergency services rushed the dad, who had smashed his head as he fell, to hospital from the family's countryside home but he died the next day.

Police told the trial they had been called to many domestic disputes between the pair.

Kumarathas – who was found guilty of murder last week – had a history of drinking heavily and showering her husband with abuse, accusing him of having affairs.

She would take alcohol from the couple's Spar shop and hide it around the house in clear bottles after her alcoholism deteriorated following the death of a close friend in 2008.

Kumrathas had previously stabbed Mr Rajasingam twice but he had been reticent to call the police.

On Monday, she was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years' imprisonment.

Elaxana and her brother Jesse gave a heartfelt tribute to their father after the trial, saying they would miss his "loud laugh and bold smile".

In a hand-written letter called "Tribute to my Dad," Elexana described him as the "anchor that will be missed but never forgotten".

"My dad was proud, confident, social, outgoing and wise," she said.

"He had been respected for his wisdom, humbleness, his down-to-earth and strong grounded character, his kindness and consideration.

She continued: "Even though we've had tough times, he really was respected and loved by me and my brother.

"My dad was nowhere near prepared to go.

"He was in the middle of stepping up to be a great uncle, as well as a good father and I couldn't be any more proud of him.

"I miss him picking up me and dropping me off when I needed, his loud laugh and bold smile, his nagging to make me eat as much as I can, seeing him hold hands with my brother and kiss him on the forehead, his playful way of making my brother laugh whenever he was mad and trying to break the ice for him, his affection and love for us two."

Detective Inspector Neil Stewart, who investigated the murder, said the children had witnessed a "true horror".

"This has been a very challenging case in what are tragic circumstances," he said.

"The children of both the victim and murderer were present as the true horror of what was happening in their home unfolded before their eyes.

"I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been for them.

"While this sentence brings some sense of justice, the two children of the victim and murderer will live with the loss of their much-loved father for the rest of their lives.

"Our thoughts today are with the children and the extended family."

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