My friend’s girlfriend dumped him over drugs and now I fear for him alone in lockdown – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I WORRY about my mate who started on weed and then moved on to all kinds of drugs.

I am sure he is now hooked.

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This all started a few months ago. Me and mates tried to talk him out of it but he got really aggressive with us.

His girlfriend dumped him and I can’t really blame her. We are all 15.

Now he’s stuck in his house just like all of us are. We are worried as he’s not talking to us on Discord and not keeping in touch any other way.

I saw him walking by our house the other night and I’m worried he was meeting someone to get drugs.

His mum’s really nice. Do you think I should give her a call?

DEIDRE SAYS: He’s lucky to have a good mate, and his mother might well be aware of the mess her son is in – but, yes, why not give her a call?

Explain just how worried you are for your friend and tell her she can find advice and support through DrugFam (, 0300 888 3853).

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