My husband dismisses my feelings all of the time even though I’m pregnant – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband and I have been married less than a year but I feel like clobbering him over the head.

I am 28 and expecting our first child in three months.

He is 31, has a successful business and I don’t work – it’s not been an easy pregnancy – but I can’t stand waste when many people don’t get regular meals.

He infuriates me by refusing to eat meals I have prepared and which are in the fridge. Instead, he will bring home something different for me to cook and I have to throw food away.

I told him off when he did this last night and he replied, “I’ve had a hard day. Why are you behaving like this?” When I explained, he said, “OK, I admit I was wrong but do you have a right to be angry?”

He dismisses my feelings. Are all men like this or have I married an oaf?

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DEIDRE SAYS: The first year of a couple living together often throws up many challenges and you’re having a difficult pregnancy, too.

The real issue is you feel he belittles you. Stop focusing on the fridge and give him an hour after he gets in to “arrive” emotionally.

But insist you set aside time every evening when you talk about your day, so you can start bonding.

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