Netflix’s ‘Dangerous Lies’ Trailer Shows Cami Mendes Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Camila Mendes is best known for her role as Veronica Lodge in the hit series Riverdale on The CW. The youngest of the cast, she’s now heading to the big screen. Though, in this case, her leading movie role is on Netflix. Starring beside Jessie T. Usher and Jamie Chung, Mendes takes on a very different kind of character in her new film. Watching Netflix’s Dangerous Lies trailer, it’s almost like seeing an entirely new side to her.

The synopsis for the new film is as follows:

Does "the people she loves" mean Elliott Gould’s wealthy older man? Or could it be her husband? The mysteries only begin with the death of her benefactor.

Check out the trailer to see if you can figure out whodunit.

The initial logline on this film makes it sound like a more dramatic take on 2019’s Knives Out:

But is it the same thing? In Knives Out, Marta has no spouse, and her family members are not the kind of people one might think could commit murder. But she also doesn’t have to push the man she’s working for to call her friend. In fact, in Knives Out, Harlan Thrombey is the one pushing it on her. That Katie feels the need to remind her benefactor she’s his friend is suspicious.

Though the synopsis suggests that Mendes’ character, Katie, is the innocent party here, one has to wonder if there isn’t a larger twist going on as well, where one murder is merely begetting another.

Dangerous Lies arrives on Netflix on Thursday, Apr. 30.

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