Nicholas Sparks's New Novel, The Return, May Be the Comforting Book You Need Right Now

Ever since I was little, reading has always been a major source of comfort for me. Despite reading and writing all day for my job (the staff writer life is pretty freakin’ cool!), I still look forward to the hours I spend at night on the couch, lost in a good book. Oddly enough, thrillers and murder mysteries have historically been my go-to genre, but as soon as the pandemic set it, my preferences seemed to change overnight. Recently, I’ve been craving the comfort of heartwarming, romantic stories from authors I’ve read in the past. Case in point? Nicholas Sparks’s new novel, The Return.

Officially hitting the shelves Sept. 29, The Return centers on Trevor Benson, an orthopedic surgeon who was wounded by a mortar explosion while working in Afghanistan. Plagued with injuries and a debilitating case of post-traumatic stress disorder, Trevor returns to the small town of New Bern, NC, to take care of his late grandfather’s dilapidated cabin before returning to medical school to study psychiatry.

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