Oasis reunion will ‘happen soon because Noel loves money’ says Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has given fans an update of a possible Oasis reunion, stating his estranged brother Noel Gallagher will eventually agree to it because "he's greedy and loves the money".

Earlier this year, the former Oasis frontman declared to his 3.1million Twitter followers that he and Noel had been offered £100million to reform the well-loved Britpop band and tour, something Noel denied.

Despite the High Flying Birds singer slamming the claims, the 47-year-old is still adamant there's an offer being "booted around".

"Let me tell you this: it has been offered and he knows about it," he told NME magazine.

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"He’s obviously gonna say no, because he’d like to be the person to break the news to people because he’s the f***ing oracle.

"And obviously I’m his little brother, who’s doing well and I’m here to spoil the f***ing party."

Opening up on the could be reunion, Liam insisted it is on the cards, stating: "It’s gonna happen very f***ing soon."

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"It’s not been put on the table; it’s just been booted around," he explained.

When asked if the offer was recent, he replied: "The last couple of weeks, yeah.

"It is gonna happen, believe you me – it’s gonna happen very f***ing soon because he’s greedy and he loves money and he knows that it’s got to happen soon or it won’t happen."

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Reunion rumours have been rife since the band abruptly split in 2009 after Noel decided to quit the group following a backstage argument at Rock en Seine in Paris.

A day later Noel issued a statement via his reps explaining he would not be rejoining the group.

Both brothers have since enjoyed successful music careers apart, but fans are still begging for a reunion all these years later.

Maybe one day, eh?

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