Only people with high IQs can spot mystery house for sale in tricky brainteaser

You can put your vision to the test with this tricky brainteaser.

Jagran Josh has challenged people to spot which house is for sale in a mind-boggling illustration.

To solve the test, you must focus your eyes on the colourful homes packed on residential streets.

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Many of the properties have a "sold" sign up in their gardens – apart from one.

To pass the puzzle, players must identify the house that is signposted with the words "for sale".

And rumour has it, those with a high IQ should be able to solve it in less than 30 seconds.

So start your timer and give it a go!

If you're struggling, we'd recommend flicking your eyes across the image from one side to the other.

Scrutinise each signpost to see which has more words on it.

Still can't spot it? We'd advise paying closer attention to the bottom left portion of the image.

Then scroll down to see if you got the answer correct.

According to the puzzle creators, doing brainteasers can tell you a bit about your intelligence level.

They state: "While solving these brain riddles, you need to scan the problem and arrive at the answer by using logical and analytical skills.

"Brain teasers make a simple riddle more interesting, as these fun games are solved with creative thinking.

"You need to think creatively for coming on to the solution as the answer won’t be right in front of you."


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