Parents split over inappropriate anatomically correct animal toys

Parents down under have been split in opinion over a pack of farm animal toy figures which are incredibly detailed – some say too much so.

Photos of the toy set were posted on Facebook by a shocked mum, who said: “Got a bit more than I bargained for when I bought my toddler this $19 bag of farm animals.”

In the photos, it can be seen that the female pig figure has engorged teats and defined nipples as though she was breastfeeding piglets, reports the Metro.

Meanwhile, the bull model has a protruding area between its legs which some argued was a penis.

A cow toy also had anatomically correct udders.

And, parents were divided over the very detailed figurines.

Some said that there was nothing to worry about as that was how animals would appear if children saw them in real life.

Plus, there’s nothing shameful in animals having body parts… that’s just nature.

“My daughter has been able to tell the difference between a bull and a heifer calf since she could talk,” said one.

Another added: “Have to start the conversation sometime, explaining with farm animals is a good lead in to humans.

“Your child probably won’t even mention it.”

A third noted: “Clearly some people have never visited a farm or taught their children the correct terminology for body parts.”

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But, others were horrified by the toys.

One woman said: “I wouldn’t give these to my child, they are too detailed.”

“I find it a bit much,” added another.

While a third noted: “Yes some parts may be seen depending but you can’t turn around and flip real animals, you can’t avoid this with these toys.

“It’s inappropriate in my opinion.”

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