People reveal their BIGGEST regrets as they reflect on their twenties

People reveal the BIGGEST regrets from their twenties – including making adult films for money and settling down too soon to please their parents

  • People from around the world shared decisions they regret making in twenties
  • Writing on confessions app Whisper, many revealed they lacked self-confidence
  • Others told how they found themselves in relationships with the wrong person 

There’s no one right direction for everyone to follow in life, however, these poignant confessions could make you think twice about your chosen paths.

People from around the world have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the choices they regret making in their twenties. 

Many agreed they spent years in relationships with the wrong person instead of being single and experimenting, while another wished she had the confidence to follow her dreams sooner.

Elsewhere, one told how they wish they had flaunted their fab figure more, and a further regretted wasting their youth on a ‘bad marriage.’

People from around the world have revealed the decisions they regret making throughout their twenties, including one from Melbourne, who is remorseful she followed advice from her parents to settle down and have a child

Fertility struggles: A woman, from the United Kingdom, revealed she’s struggling to get pregnant after putting off having children in her twenties

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Dare to dream! An individual from Germany told how they had spent years not pursing their dream career – and wished they had done it sooner 

Feeling promiscuous! Another person who lives in California, confessed they’re sleeping with as many people as possible after being a virgin for the majority of their twenties

Strong, independent woman! A female from Texas said she regrets being shy throughout her twenties and is now much more confident

Model material! Another person, from New Jersey, told how she regrets not showing her body more in her twenties while working as a model 

Commitment issues! Another individual, from Illinois, wished they hadn’t been in relationships in their twenties because it didn’t allow them time to experiment as a singleton

Living in fear! A man, from Nevada, said he regrets making adult films for money in his twenties because he now worries they could resurface

Family man! An individual from Colorado, wished he had settled down and had children during his twenties 

Mother’s know best! A woman, who lives in Tennessee, confessed she was warned by her mother not to give up her youth to become a parent 

An attitude problem! Another individual, from Illinois, regretted burning bridges throughout his twenties

Wasted time! An anonymous individual, from an unknown location, told how they dedicated years to a bad marriage

Family dreams! A woman, from Washington, is worried it’s too late to have children after she made the decision not to do it in her twenties

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