People share hilarious text messages sent by pregnant women

Serious case of baby brain! Text messages reveal the sometimes hilarious reality of pregnancy – from craving emergencies to putting the ketchup in the shower

  • Relatable text exchanges have been shared by women and their partners
  • One reveals a woman’s strange pregnancy dinner of Oreos and carrots
  • And another shows a confused husband who misreads his wife’s pregnancy test

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for many women, but these photos prove that it can also be a hilarious nine months. 

Text messages from around the world reveal the unintentionally funny side of pregnancy, from bizarre food cravings to wild mood swings. The very best examples were compiled in a gallery by With My Ladies.

One text reveals a woman’s weird pregnancy dinner, which was half a pack of double stuffed Oreos and half a pack of carrots.

Another set of messages reveals a confused husband, who misreads his wife’s positive pregnancy test as a low thermometer reading of 11F. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest and most relatable texts sent by pregnant women.

Pregnant or sub freezing! One woman confused her partner with her positive pregnancy test message, they thought it was a thermometer reading of 11F(-11C)

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Code cheese! Another woman texts her partner in an emergency bid to get the cheese sauce she wants for her dinner 

Weird! One woman’s husband revealed that she would forget what she was doing and ended up putting the ketchup in the shower

Balanced! A woman shared her dinner from that evening in one text message – saying she had carrots and Oreos

Love not war! A hungry woman asks her partner to come home with poutine as she is craving it 

Life or death: Another text exchange reveals a woman has eaten a day old meatball sandwich for the sake of satisfying her hunger 

Stuck fast! One woman appears to be in a spot of bother as she had dropped something on the floor but could not get herself back up again 

No joke! A man’s sister texted him to tell him she was having contractions but instead of offering kind words of reassurance, he told her a joke instead, leaving her unimpressed

Sick day! The woman was not feeling like going to work and wanted to call in pregnant instead of sick

Typo! A woman accidentally writes ‘placenta’ instead of place in a text message, with her mind preoccupied by birth

Food on the brain! A woman compares her swollen feet and toes to food in one exchange with her husband after she had just eaten breakfast, and makes herself hungry again

Clearing the calendar! One woman tells her husband she is pencilling in cheeseburger consumption to her diary in order to satisfy her pregnancy craving

Existential crisis! Another exchange reveals a woman who is about to give birth and is coming to terms with the fact as well as feeling rather apprehensive about the whole thing 

Jack and Jill went up the hill! A woman uses an unusual rhyming method to tell her partner that she is pregnant 

Roll! A woman shares an image of a turtle to express the difficulties that pregnant women have getting out of bed in the morning 

What?! In a catch-up with her friend, one woman makes a typo and tells her she is craving something quite different before correcting herself

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