Prince’s Unreleased Album Could Help Pay For His Estate’s Tax Problems

Legendary pop culture icon Prince is still making headlines as financial encumbrances have begun against his estate. The late singer and songwriter, who suddenly passed at only 57 years of age from an alleged accidental overdose, has always demonstrated the capacity throughout his career to fly high over tainted tabloid stories and remain in strict control over his personal and public affairs. However, since his death was unexpected to most, there was apparently no will left for the singer’s multi-million dollar estate.

According to the New York Times, Prince’s estate is now indebted to the IRS. Initially, the value was set at only $83.2 million dollars by the estate’s administrator, Comerica Bank & Trust, but the IRS is claiming the worth is nearly double at $163.2 million. At the eve of the 5th anniversary of Prince’s passing, and apparently pressed by financial strains, the estate has decided to open up the vault of Prince’s Paisley Park Studio located outside of Minneapolis, to unveil what is estimated to be hundreds or thousands of unreleased songs.

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Perhaps coincidentally, ‘Welcome 2 America’, the album that was chosen to be released, was also the name of the 80-city tour Prince has went on between 2010 and 2012. With songs appropriately entitled “One Day We Will All B Free”, “Running Game (Son of a Slave Master),” and “Born 2 Die”, the album’s message has an undeniably politically charged energy.

Driven by socially activated lyrics, the Prince fans fell in love with the 80’s-like feel with the words. The messaging of some song seem to portray those distracted by the features of the iPhone while being unable to truly participate in change. The estate’s decision to release this powerful project may be one for the books. They also announced their plans for the vaulted music and emphasized how the album release is aligned with Prince’s sentiments of discussing the state of affairs in America and making his intentions, concerns, hopes, and visions of shifting society known to his fans.

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The release date is set for 30th July 2021 and will most likely bring his loyal, spirited fans to tears, as they truly miss the unforgettable musical genius.  Prince’s estate expressed the gravity of the album and its disdainful tone towards societal superficiality pertaining to reality T.V. and music business monopolies. Emphatically, Prince’s estate plans to continue promoting his position of America as the ‘Land of the free/home of the slave’.

Sources: New York Times

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