Professional cleaners lift lid on £1 product that shines kitchen hobs in minutes

Looking to get your cooker tops sparkling?

To make your hobs brand new, you should consider using a £1 product you can pick up from Sainsbury’s.

The Twinkle Cleaning Duo – AKA Katrina and Natalie – spoke about The Pink Stuff paste on their Instagram stories.

The professional cleaners used to product to budge rust and grime from their kitchen surfaces.

They dabbed a little bit of it onto an abrasive sponge, before getting to work on stubborn stains.

And after a few minutes buffing, the job was complete.

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After completing the simple task, the Instagram stars revealed the finished results.

Their cooker tops were gleaming – and the cleaners said it was all thanks to the two cheap items.

In a message to their 37,300 followers, they wrote: “Hob rings sorted with this dream team."

You don’t just have to take the Twinkle Cleaning Duo’s words for it, as we tested out the Pink Stuff paste recently.

The product is also a favourite of housework whiz Mrs Hinch, who often shows it off to her 3.1 million followers on her Instagram stories.

So will you be giving the cleaning tip a go?

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