Quincy Brown's Sexy Song 'Enough About Me' Will Get 'Your Mind Racing' — Watch the Steamy Video


Quincy Brown is back with another hot song — and an even hotter video.

The Dope star, 29, released his latest clip on Friday. The love ballad, "Enough About Me," details a chance encounter with an anonymous woman who he just can't stop thinking about. The track's sexy visual pushes the envelope for the singer-songwriter, who last released the "Aye Yo" Remix featuring Shaggy (the hitmaker behind the iconic track "It Wasn't Me") and Nigerian sensation Patoranking in November. The original "Aye Yo" already has more than 1.5 million streams on YouTube alone.

In Quincy's newest YouTube film, the actor — who is the first-ever international male spokesmodel for Coach Watches — finds himself in a daze after a lingerie-clad woman, who appears to be obsessed with him, abducts and lures him into her darkroom chamber. In Quincy's play on the 2002 hit thriller One Hour Photo (which starred the late Robin Williams) the seemingly crazed woman slowly gazes over him after strapping him down with no escape.

The entire fantasy goes on for one hour — until the clock strikes 2 a.m., when it's all over for the masked woman in the blink of an eye.

With three back-to-back hits since the Summer, Quincy promises his listeners that he will continue to release music and his next song is coming soon. In a video he shared on Facebook during the premiere of "Enough About Me," the 50 Cents' Power Book III star revealed that it was not promoted nor released as a single, but it was simply an important message he wanted to send to a special someone.

"Listen to what I'm saying," he said. Quincy went on to tease his next official single "Escape," though he's yet to set a release date.

On Thursday, Quincy shared a celebratory birthday photo with his longtime famous pal Maluma, who turned 27. His birthday shoutout translated in English reads, "Happy birthday bro, it's time to release a song together! 🎵🎈👊🏽"

A few hours before, Quincy wished his brother Justin Combs a happy belated birthday in a sweet message that he paired with an adorable throwback photo. "We done grew all da [sic] way up! Love you @princejdc!" Combs responded, simply writing, "Love u 💪🏾💙."

On Monday, Quincy shared a throwback photo in honor of his pops, music mogul Diddy, alongside his brother Christian "King" Combs, whom he released "Options" with in October. The family snap was in recognition of the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala last year in which Diddy was presented the Icon Award. "A year ago today," he captioned his post. (Quincy is the son of late model Kim Porter and new jack swing's Al B. Sure!)

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