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FINDING your first job can be the toughest move you make on your career path.

Deciding what you want to do, then working out how to get started is so daunting that 15 per cent of young people put off seeking a new job at all, according to new research from recruitment firm Michael Page.

But help is at hand. Next week is National Careers Week, with schools and colleges across the UK highlighting career choices for young people.

We invited Rachel Campbell, senior regional director at Page Personnel, to help you pick the right career path.

She says: “Having too much choice can become confusing when looking for a new career.

“Also, pressures from family members and friends often make it harder to make that first step. It’s important to remember, the decision’s in your hands.”

  1. Focus on your skills: Being in a job that doesn’t use your skill set can be a waste of your time and is unlikely to lead to long-term job satisfaction. By identifying early what you are good at and what you enjoy, you can target roles where you will be able to put these skills into practice.
  2. Identify your work ethos: What type of work environment do you want? How do you feel about wellbeing or flexible working? Take the Selfie Report by FindMyWhy at to determine the type of workplace which will match your personality.
  3. Think about the company culture: Check companies’ websites and social media for a feel of the culture and the type of people who work there. Do they align to your values and will you be comfortable there?
  4. Consider career progression: Ask if there will be professional training and development and what the long-term career prospects look like. Ask for examples of how others have progressed their careers within that organisation.
  5. Build your network: It’s hugely helpful to meet and talk to a range of people at various levels who are established in the career you are interested in. They can advise you on whether a similar vocation would be a good fit for you and provide real-world examples of the job’s highs and lows.
  6. Focus on what is most important to you: Take enough time to focus on yourself and what makes you happy, before rushing into making a choice.

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