Spoilers: Will Bella die in Home and Away after pills overdose?

Bella (Courtney Miller) has been telling Colby (Tim Franklin) she’s not well ever since her genuine illness which saw her hospitalised. Seeing that her real poor health kept her brothers’ attention on her and away from Mac (Emily Weir), Bella decided to keep up an act long after her recovery.

As her hatred for Mac continues, Bella takes an opportunity to have a go at her enemy on the stairs up to Salt. Mackenzie fights back, saying that Colby will eventually see through her act and realise he’s being played.

Not denying it’s an act, Bella retaliates, but Colby suddenly emerges – he was in the background, listening to everything. He is suddenly suspicious and asks Bella to tell him the truth. Bella realises she’s about to be caught in her web of lies.

Filled with panic over potentially destroying her relationship with Colby, Bella tries to call him. Mackenzie suggests she just tell the truth, but Bella scoffs at the idea. Desperate to prove she’s really sick, she spots some random pills and downs them, unaware of what they are.

Later, Mac finds her doubled over in pain. She initially scoffs, then realises Bella is genuinely unwell. Bella begs her to call Colby, but Mac is adamant – they have to rush her to hospital. Something is seriously wrong…

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