Stacey Solomon shows off amazing pink flamingo mop slippers as she cleans home – and they cost £3.99

Stacey Solomon never fails to keep her 2.9 million Instagram followers entertained with the fun spin she puts on everyday chores and cleaning the home.

Recently, the 30 year old star introduced her ‘tap to tidy’ method to the world, which saw her snapping photos of messy rooms and inviting her fans to tap their phone screens to ‘tidy’ the space.

The Loose Women presenter and mum-of-three continued to share ‘tap-to-tidy’ style posts on her stories due to their undeniable success with her followers, who keep tuning in to see which room and space she has decided to spruce up next.

And now, Stacey has introduced another fun feature in the form of a pair of pink mop slippers which she has shown her followers by dancing around the kitchen and lounge in.

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The 30-year-old took to Instagram donning the mop footwear and lay on her kitchen floor, recording a hilarious video of herself writhing around and laughing and singing whilst cleaning her home.

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However, during filming, partner Joe Swash walked in and caught her in action, causing him to post a funny video where he writes: “What the actual **** do I come home to? @staceysolomon,” [sic] as an embarrassed Stacey hides her face and laughs.

Another video sees Stacey in her lounge clad in a full pink outfit, including pink jogging bottoms, a pink jumper with hearts on, a pink headband and, of course, her pink mop slippers. Dancing around to I’ve Got To Break Free by Queen, Stacey broke out some epic moves and joked below the video: “Next time let me know when you’re coming home for your own sake.”

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Sharing where she bought her quirky footwear from, Stacey took a photo and said: “Slippers are from @therangeuk for everyone asking,” and a look online shows that fans of the mop look can get their hands on a pair for just £3.99, however they're currently out of stock online – but you may be luck enough to grab a pair at your local The Range store.

A similar pair of mop slippers can also be purchased online at Poundland for 50p, however they don't come with the fun pink flamingos on, and are grey in colour.

On The Range website they’re named Flamingo Chenille Cleaning Slippers, and the site describes them by saying: “Enjoy yourself as you clean with these funky Flamingo Chenille Cleaning Slippers.

“Everyone knows that sliding on a hard floor whilst wearing socks is fun but that cleaning is dull as dishwater. So why not combine both?”

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Further videos of Stacey donning the slippers see her dancing about her kitchen, and she writes: “Turns out you can hoover and mop at the same time, obviously I achieved nothing of the sort doing this but Knowing I can is enough. Happy Friday everyone.”

And it turns out Stacey isn’t the only fan of the fun slippers, but her friend Mrs Hinch is too.

Instagram cleaning star Mrs Hinch once raved about a similar pair, which retailed at £4.69 on eBay, writing: “Buff tings,” underneath a photo of the slippers.

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