Stacey Solomon worried her dream home is haunted as fans see a face in mirror

As Stacey Solomon renovates her new £1million home the last thing she needed was the sighting of a potential ghost in the property but that’s exactly what she got.

As Stacey filmed a video of herself with a specialist builder's mask on her Instagram story, a face could be seen in the mirror behind her.

Fans were quick to point it out to Stacey, with her quickly following up the story post with another where she responded.

She said: "Loads of you are like, 'What's that face in the mirror?'"

But it didn’t take long for Stacey to figure out what had really happened as she turned the camera to reveal her father.

"And I thought, 'Oh my god, I've got a ghost'. Then I looked around and realised – it's only Dave, my dad," she continued.

She laughed as her father Dave waved and said hello from the staircase behind her.

Stacey finished: "He's helping me cut the skirting."

Following on from the mistaken identity from fans, Stacey continued to show off the renovations to the property they’ve dubbed “Pickle Cottage” as they worked throughout the day.

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In a post showing herself painting a wall in a number of sample colours, Stacey wrote: "I’m starting one wall in our bedroom to hopefully inspire me to do the rest.

“I wanted to make a little print wall so I’ll show you all tomorrow when it’s dry and I can put them up. I can’t wait. I’m obsessed with this stone colour.”

Stacey then went on to keep fans in the know about her swimming pool and what it would need done before re-filling for summer.

She said: “The hard part has been done so now it’s a case of digging the rectangle to sink the cover into and add steps and then we can fill her up."

With the pair expecting a new child they’re trying to get the property ready in time for the baby’s arrival.

Stacey and her partner Joe Swash share a child while Stacey has two older children of her own from a previous relationship.

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