‘The Daily Show’ Clobbers Chris Matthews With Supercut Of His Sexist Comments

MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ lengthy history of making sexist comments comes under the spotlight in a new supercut released by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Thursday.

The “Hardball” anchor makes inappropriate remarks about female colleagues, describes guests as “gorgeous creatues of God” and suggests two women are giving him the eye in the two-minute montage.

The Comedy Central show likely released the clip ― mockingly titled “Lookin’ Good! with Uncle Chris” ― after Matthews drew scorn Tuesday for his sexist grilling of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over allegations of sexual harassment leveled at her 2020 rival Michael Bloomberg.

Matthews previously settled a sexual harassment complaint from a former colleague over inappropriate jokes. In 2016, he was widely criticized for making a joke about rape before interviewing then-Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Check out the montage here:


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