The Ways Sandra Bullock Earns And Spends Her Fortune

The ‘Gravity’ actress Sandra Bullock has is Hollywood’s one of the most loved actresses, worth millions. How she earns and spends her millions are pure goals.

Sandra Annette Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia, the United States, in 1964. Her father, John was a Pentagon employee from Alabama and her mother, Helga, used to perform in an opera in Germany. Her parents met in Germany and got married there. Sandra also spent the first half of her life in Germany and grew up learning German.

The actress attended the Washington-Lee High School when she finally came to the USA. This was also when she started developing a passion for acting as she joined theatre groups and classes alongside cheerleading. Sandra acquired her BFA degree in drama in 1987 from East Carolina University. As stated by Celebrity Net Worth, Bullock wanted to study acting more closely with Sanford Meisner, but it also meant that she had to take up jobs like bartending and coat checking to earn a living.

Her hardships finally paid off, and today, she has an impressive net worth of about $250 million. The following are ways in which Sandra earns and spends her fortune.

4 Earns: Success in Hollywood

According to The Things, Bullock began her career in Hollywood in the year 1992 with a movie titled Love Potion No.9. Sandra’s big break came with the next performance. Then, in 1994, she got cast in a film called Speed, which became an instant success.

The booming box office hits that Sandra acted in are While You Were Sleeping (1995), A Time to Kill (1996), Hope Floats (1998), Miss Congeniality (2000), and The Blind Side (2009), to name a few. One of her remarkable works was as a voice artist for Scarlet’s character in the movie Minions, which grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

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However, Nothing can surpass her mind-blowing success with the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Gravity.’ Actors like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson had been asked to do the leading role for Alfonso Cuaron’s space drama, but each of them turned it down. Warner Brothers Studio then asked Bullock, who had already bagged an Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side, to take up the role.

Gravity took almost four and a half years to make, and nobody in Hollywood was expecting it to be this successful. Nevertheless, the movie broke all records and received critical acclaim. Sandra, who covered almost 90 percent of the screen time, single-handedly earned about $70 million from Gravity.

3 Spends: Real Estate

According to Just Richest, Sandra Bullock spends most of her fortune on real estate deals. She is a family person and has bought luxury mansions in different parts of the globe. Another interesting aspect about how she makes her choices regarding real estate is that she is not fond of elegant glossy buildings and prefers old historical mansions.

She has an antique mansion in New Orleans. It was reportedly built in 1876 and is worth an impressive $2.25 million. Spread out over 574 square meters of land, called the ‘Swiss Chalet House.’ The mansion derives its value due to its history.

Bullock has a fortune behind another antique property in Manhattan, which was built in 1899. This townhouse is worth $3.35 million. She also bought a mansion with seven huge bedrooms in Beverly Hills for a whopping $16.9 million. Another real estate property that the actress has invested in is a $1.5 million property in Los Angeles, where her colleagues in the Hollywood industry are also her neighbors.

2 Earns: Side Ventures

Other than acting, Sandra has also tried her luck as a voice artist and succeeded beautifully with the Minions movie. She had also worked with Netflix when she played the leading role in a psychological thriller called Bird Box.

Apart from this, Bullock has also become a film producer in the latter half of her career in the movie industry. According to Wealthy Genius, the actress has been an executive producer with the famous sitcom called George Lopez. She also owns a production house named Fortis Films. Thus, a considerable part of her fortune is built from her career as a producer.

1 Spends: Fancy Cars and Philanthropy

Sandra is known to own several expensive supercars. Her taste in automobiles also takes into account vintage cars. Her exclusive collection of cars include a Mercedes GL 550, Toyota Prius, and Audi 6. These cars have a price range of about $30,000 to $90,000.

The actress also spends a fortune on charitable causes. She has donated over $6 million to Red Cross alone for carrying out various relief missions. Bullock also contributed $1 million for different rescue missions in natural disasters like earthquakes in Japan and tsunami in Indonesia.

To conclude, Sandra’s earnings as an actress, voice artist, and producer are motivational for fans and struggling actors. Her spending’s on antique buildings, vintage cars, and charity is a combination of luxury and humility.

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