This is how much Justina Valentine is actually worth

If you don’t know who Justina Valentine is, then you’re about to get a lesson in how music, reality TV, and the kind of red hair that demands attention can help someone make quite a bit of money. Releasing her first mixtape, Route 80, back in 2012, Valentine caught fans’ attention with her singles “Bubble Gum” and “Hip-Hop Joan Jett.” From there, she launched an EP and a second mixtape before releasing her full studio album, Scarlet Letter, in 2016. She even teamed up with Fetty Wap for “Candy Land,” taking another step along the path to an established career as a music industry somebody. In 2016, she also joined the cast of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, becoming one of the MTV sketch comedy show’s fan-favorites thanks to her vicious freestyling skills.

However, Valentine’s road to fame and fortune has not been an easy one. “As women, there’s always another obstacle, hurdle, or layer that we have to get above,” she told Ignite Student Life in 2019. “I really had to cut my teeth and grind for every step of the way. I didn’t know anyone in the industry, so it’s definitely a game-changer being a woman.” 

Despite the obstacles, this emcee has still managed to earn herself a tidy, little fortune. Check it out.

Justina Valentine is moving on up

Justina Valentine is still making her name in the entertainment industry and hasn’t hit the level of fame that other rappers such as Cardi B or Nicki Minaj enjoy, but as her star continues to rise, so does the amount of money in her bank account.

Medium reported that Valentine had allegedly amassed about $1 million as of 2019. That estimate seems to be backed up by the fact that in 2018, the Gazette Review reported that she had already worked her way up to a net worth of about $750,000. If she keeps up the pace and adds around $250,000 to her overall fortune each year, then she’ll wind up with a real decent treasure chest if and when she decides to retire. 

But don’t plan on this starlet riding off into the sunset anytime soon. Judging by the full-throttle ambition on display via her social media, Valentine has big plans for the future.

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