Thrifty woman bags M&S and Mango clothes for just £20 in epic charity shop haul

A thrifty woman has shared her incredible finds of clothes from big-name brands in charity shops that cost her £20 in total.

Alex Harris, from Strood near Kent, was dubbed the "CEO of charity shop haul" by viewers when she posted videos of her purchases from Cancer Research UK.

Sharing on TikTok, she says: "I honestly think I went in there at the right time. I walked about three, four times in the shop just in case I missed anything."

Alex shows a beige ruffled tube top and says she paid only £3 for it.

"This Mango skirt, I paid £3 and it still has a tag on, it's originally £23," she explains while flipping over the garment.

"Oh my God, it's skort. It's shorts but then [covered as] a skirt. Cute, I love it even more now."

Next, the bargain hunter takes out a brand-new white denim paperbag-style shorts and it again costs her only £3.

In her follow-up videos, she shows a few other tops and jumpsuits which all range between £2 to £3.

And when she picks up a thick, warm M&S mens' woolly jacket it is also just £3.

"You are helping the charity and at the same time, you are getting a bargain. When I found a bargain in the shop, I'll get a buzz out of it," Alex added.

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Many viewers praised Alex for embracing charity shops and one said: "You're literally the CEO of good finds in the charity shops."

A second tagged her friend and commented: "We need to start shopping in charity shops."

"I found a dress that was £200 with the tag on for £2, I was shook!" another shared her charity shopping experience while a third added: "Oh I love all of that."

Alex gave tips to her viewers that it's better to visit big charity shops and she always spends "over an hour walking around" to search for the hidden gems.

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