TOMM¥ €A$H Has Designed the World's Longest adidas Originals Superstar

Estonian rapper TOMM¥ €A$H has made the longest adidas Originals Superstar in the world for his inaugural collaboration with the sportswear giant. Speaking to their 844k Instagram followers, the artist said, “WHEN I SAID TO ADIDAS THAT I WANT TO MAKE THE LONGEST SHOE IN THE WORLD AS OUR COLLAB THEY WERE LIKE WTF TOMMY. BUT 5 MONTHS LATER HERE WE ARE.”

Here we are, indeed. TOMM¥ €A$H wasn’t joking, and has genuinely teamed up with adidas Originals for its final installment of the SUPERSTAR Campaign. The result is a very limited release comprising of a Superstar that’s been elongated, looking like a pair of clown shoes with one foot offered in white and the other in black.

At first glance, the sneakers seem unrecognizable and very un-Superstar-like, but there’s plenty more detail than what initially meets the eye. Naturally, the pair is fitted with a shell toe, and the Three Stripes still appear right in the middle of the mid-panel. Genuine leather has been used throughout the sneakers’ design, while a rubber sole also finished in black or white depending on the foot completes the shoe’s construction.

Details such as TOMM¥ €A$H’s autograph has been laser-engraved by hand into the heel, while the insoles feature a Yin-Yang design that references the black and white color scheme of the pair. Speaking on the collaboration, Cash says:

“Both the ‘angel’ and the ‘devil’ live in me at the same time — two opposites that are constantly fighting with each other. So why hide one side of your personality when they can perfectly coexist with each other. Shouldn’t be too good or too bad. Balance is needed. As two opposites of Yin and Yang, forming one whole. Yes, these sneakers are different colors. After all, they reflect my mood, which changes every day. And I will proudly wear both versions of the iconic silhouette at the same time.”

Rounding out the rapper’s Superstar is its packaging, which consists of each shoe coming in a logo-adorned pouch before being presented in a box featuring an original design. As mentioned, these are super-limited, so those wanting a pair of the TOMM¥ €A$H x adidas Originals Superstar should head over to adidas’ app now to sign-up for a pair. The winner’s draw for the collaborative sneaker commences on March 3, and the lucky few who secure a pair will then be contacted by adidas regarding how to purchase their pair.

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