TV for Saturday March 7

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New series ★★½

10am, Nine

Shelley Craft is the Livinia Nixon of property lifestyle, with her upbeat, gently authoritative demeanour and impeccable neatness. She’s the cool head on The Block and here gives even the dullest material a subtle sheen. This real-estate-brochure-come-to-life provides market analysis, practical advice for buying and selling, impossible property dreams and enviable exposure to some lucky vendors.

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7.30pm, ABC

While the gruff doctor attends to his surgery conundrums, home visits and emergencies (does Portwenn not have an ambulance service?), his wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz), deals with an uncomfortable modern parenting rite of passage on a “play date” at the local kindergarten. Mercifully for her, the scrutiny of their toddler’s “social skills” is interrupted by yet another unexpected life-and-death situation in this perilous part of Cornwall.



Double episode new series ★★

Midnight, SBS Viceland

For the uninitiated, donk racing is like drag racing in hotted-up classic Chevrolets. This documentary follows the reigning king of the game, Sage “Donkmaster” Thomas, on his tour of the circuit, starting with a grudge race against old rival “CEO Larri” in Malibu. There’s a lot of smoke from smouldering tyres, a fair bit of screeching and a hell of a lot of posturing and trash talk, as the drivers vie for hefty cash prizes.

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