Tyler Rich Reveals How ‘Better Than You’re Used To’ Was ‘Therapy’ For Him & Wife Sabina

In this EXCLUSIVE interview, Tyler Rich opens up about being inspired by his wife, Sabina Gadecki, to write his romantic new love song, ‘Better Than You’re Used To.’

Like most of Tyler Rich’s music, the singer’s latest release, “Better Than You’re Used To,” was inspired by his wife, Sabina Gadecki. Tyler released the track just before Valentine’s Day, after he posted a demo version on TikTok and it blew up overnight. However, he actually penned the track months earlier, in June 2020, and told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how Sabina’s past inspired it.

“Sabina had been through some stuff with her exes and kind of had a bad run at love,” Tyler explained. “It was really slow a the beginning for us because she was going through some stuff. [The song] is just about meeting somebody and you know they deserve to be loved better than they’re used to. It’s reminding people of their worth and self love and to fight for how you deserve to be treated. It’s just an anthem for those who are heartbroken and made it through it. The song was written as therapy for me and my wife, but watching it connect with so many people in their own lives makes the whole music thing worth it.”

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