Ulrika Jonsson strips to tiny bikini after brutal backlash over naked snap

Ulrika Jonsson has wowed fans with a saucy snap of her clad in vibrant orange swimwear to celebrate National Bikini Day.

The gorgeous 53-year-old blonde stripped off to flaunt her figure in the colourful bikini.

She showed off her taut stomach and stunning figure to her 157k fans on her Instagram stories.

The star isn't shy about showing off her body, and recently wrote that she is aiming to 'own' her body again.

As well as the sizzling bikini snap, she recently shared a playful naked picture of herself in the garden in support of men's mental health campaign, Bare Yourself.

The mother-of-four took part in the campaign for the benefit of others.

She confessed that it pushed her out of her 'comfort zone' posing for the pic with her kit off, saying: 'I cannot avoid seeing the excess skin, the cellulite on the back of my legs and my ever-decreasing bum.'

Ulrika insists she has come to 'accept' and 'take ownership' of her body, because it has 'given life to four beautiful, ungrateful children', she joked.

The picture features the gorgeous star wearing nothing but a pair of wellies, with a strategically placed wheelbarrow preserving her modesty.

Ulrika wrote in her column for The Sun: 'I cannot avoid seeing the excess skin, the cellulite on the back of my legs, the diminished muscle on my forearm, my ever-decreasing bum and my beloved varicose veins which I’ve had operated on no fewer than three times.

'But as my best friend Laura ­physically held my hand when I pressed the "go" button on Instagram, I felt I had to accept and take ownership of this nearly 54-year-old body. Own it. It is what it is. It’s given life to four beautiful, ungrateful children.'

Ulrika added: 'I treat my body as a vessel for food and rum. It has carried four children for a total of three years. It has breastfed and gone up and down in size more often than a tart's knickers. It has suffered operations and many invasive treatments.'

She is mum to Cameron, 26, Bo, 21, Martha, 17, and Malcolm, 13.

Ulrika admitted her kids 'rolled their eyes' over the photo, and insists she never asks for her children's permission but asks for their thoughts.

The stunning blonde said she received no 'outright objections' over the bold picture.

Ulrika hit back at a troll who slammed her for sharing the naked picture of herself last week, who told her: "This has nothing to do with men mental health, this is just another attention seeking person who porn c**p and is responsible if someone gets raped.

"Men are NOT the only one that is guilty of young girls getting raped.

"These stars are just as much guilty because of their part in everything."

Ulrika quickly hit back with a sarcastic swipe, saying: "That's absolutely right. I'm guilty of the rape of young girls because I've taken my clothes off for charity."

Fans praised the star for the pic, and inspired others to do the same.

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