Viddal Riley wants 'traditional' boxing career but WILL fight Jake Paul 'if it makes sense' after YouTuber calls him out

VIDDAL RILEY admitted he wanted a 'traditional' boxing career – but WILL fight Jake Paul 'if it makes sense'.

Riley was an elite amateur boxer before turning professional in America under Floyd Mayweather's uncle Jeff.

But he is widely recognised as the trainer to YouTube star KSI, who drew in an exhibition with Logan Paul in 2018 but won the rematch a year later.

Logan's little brother Jake is 4-0 as a boxer himself and emerged as one of the most polarising and disputed figures in the sport.

Jake, 24, recently said he could beat Riley, also 24, which drew a reaction out of the unbeaten cruiserweight.

He said: "This guy says that he believes he can beat me.

"As a fighter, and someone that is dedicating their life to the sport, he should feel that he can beat other fighters.

"But it's never come out of his mouth before. I don't think about him like that – I don't want to fight these men. I want to keep my path traditional in the ring.


"But if he says things like that? I will fight Jake if it makes sense and if certain stipulations are in place.

"I won't go out of my way to hype it up, to hunt him down and say: 'You've got me next'. Honestly I don't care.

"But I can't let him say that he can beat me. It's too far."

Paul recently beat ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley, 39, and now fights Tyson Fury's brother Tommy, 22, on December 18 in Florida.

His first win as a professional was against online rival 'AnEsonGib' – trained by Riley.

But the former youth Olympian no longer coaches his social media star friends, to instead focus on his own boxing career.

I will fight Jake if it makes sense and if certain stipulations are in place.

Riley has been unable to return to the ring since his last win in February 2020 amid ongoing injuries.

And recently Jake claimed he would beat KSI's former coach, such is his confidence.

He said: "I would beat Viddal, that's the level that this has gotten to.

"It used to be Viddal is training KSI to come and beat me, but that guy's scared, I believe I am better than Viddal, 110 per cent.

"People will go, 'Haha, this kid's crazy, oh my god' – after I beat Tommy? Who knows, look I have nothing but respect for Viddal.

"I think he's a dope guy, we squashed our beef, I'm not talking s***, I just personally think I'm better. He's great, I just think I'm better."

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