What’s on TV: Thursday, March 19

Ambulance Australia

Ten, 7.30pm

A young man with a javelin piercing his groin — repeat, javelin piercing his groin – is the patient highlight of this week's mixed half-dozen that includes a middle-aged heart attack, a young drink driver who's totalled his car and a serious case of intoxication.

Future Man.

Yet as nerve-wracking and gruesome as the individual cases may be, it's the capable folk at the Queensland Ambulance Service who provide the emotional crux.

A paean to the Steve and Shelleys of the world who pull 12-hour shifts mopping up after the rest of us, it's smartly put together telly with outtakes from the dispatch centre forming a dramatic arc with the paramedics on the road, and then cruelly forcing anyone with a pulse to wait until the end credits to discover what happened to the patients post-ambulance.

Grey's Anatomy

7Flix, 8.30pm

The Grey's season return finds Meredith facing the prospect of jail time, which is something that never would have happened in the McDreamy days. Plenty has happened in the past 15 years, but central cast members take pride of narrative place at the season 16 kick-off: Ellen Pompeo finds herself multitasking in a courtroom drama in the wash-up from the insurance fraud scandal, while curmudgeonly Richard Webber is reduced to working for a health app doing home visits.

The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is not an employer of choice for anyone who wants to remain married but there's a Kleenex-worthy love story involving a married pair of patients. Viewers who live on Planet Reality might prefer the excellent monologue Thomas Korakick (Greg Germann) gives Teddy (Kim Raver) about his ongoing affections despite the arrival of her new baby.

​Future Man

SBS Viceland, Thursday, 9.25pm

This slacker dude action comedy from the fevered minds of Superbad creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg sticks faithfully to their groove of sex-obsessed losers and lengthy joke set-ups about bodily fluids.

Medical research facility janitor Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) spends his spare time playing superannuated video game Biotic Wars and receives an unexpected bonus round when he finally defeats the forces of evil: the game's two heroes materialise in his bedroom to enlist him in saving the world. If that sounds like so much canned cheese – well, it is. But Future Man is worth praising with faint damn. A nostalgic homage to Back to the Future, The Terminator and the entire 1980s teen movie oeuvre, it's a giant pratfall for a well-cast Hutcherson as a dweeb accidentally anointed as the saviour of humankind.

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