Who Is Charli D'Amelio? Everything to Know About the Viral TikTok Star

Anyone who frequents TikTok knows many creatives there post provocative dance moves, sometimes lifted from more niche social media forums. One of TikTok’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio, is both famous and notorious for making The Renegade dance better known.

As a member of Generation Z, she has a lot of creative potential, something she’ll nurture in the coming years thanks to a recent deal. At the ripe age of 15, it just goes to show TikTok is going to become the YouTube of the 2020s.

Is it all dance on Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok?

Yes, it’s all 100% dancing on D’Amelio’s TikTok channel. She hasn’t even been on the platform a year after starting in June of 2019. However, she’s a very prolific poster, already racking up thousands of 30-second dance videos.

According to a profile on her from Cosmopolitan, D’Amelio is a bit perplexed at the fame she’s found on TikTok. Maybe it’s just modesty, but it’s not surprising that posting compelling videos on social media can make someone a celebrity. Also, it can happen in mere months as D’Amelio found out.

Born in 2004, she’s one of numerous Generation Z creatives becoming TikTok superstars. Thousands exist, and they even hang out with one another.

It’s a world that’s also led to controversy as D’Amelio found out with The Renegade debacle.

Did Charli D’Amelio steal The Renegade dance from Jalaiah Harmon?

After D’Amelio popularized The Renegade dance on her TikTok account, Jalaiah Harmon was incensed someone took her dance move and began profiting off of it. It was a story all too familiar with many black creatives, who post on platforms like Dubsmash, only to find out their creative dance moves have been appropriated by white artists.

The good news is once Harmon started being interviewed in the media about originating The Renegade, D’Amelio finally gave former credit. They even teamed up to do the dance together in another popular TikTok video.

Give kudos to D’Amelio for giving credit where it’s due. Besides, she does create her own dance moves, which is why she’s become so famous. All of it led to a media deal she signed recently, paving the way to bigger things beyond the limited TikTok world.

Her media deal is a family affair

Another interesting factoid about D’Amelio is that she has a twin named Dixie. These sisters, plus their parents, have all signed a multimedia deal with United Talent Agency to expand beyond the digital realms.

It’s startling how similar Charli and Dixie look when they have completely separate and different TikTok channels, with Dixie focusing on dance and comedy. For Charli D’Amelio herself, she wants to become a professional dancer. Thanks to having 19 million followers on her TikTok, there shouldn’t be any problems in her attracting a loyal audience beyond what she does online.

As proof she can probably make it as a dancer in the real world, she’s already danced on stage with the Jonas Brothers and Bebe Rexha. Where things go from there is anyone’s guess, even though working as a dancer on a major pop star tour is already cream of the crop.

Becoming a solo dance star is far rarer. Nevertheless, with a forum like TikTok, it may be the singular source for everyone from Generation Z to gain a loyal audience for virtually anything.

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