Why Nashville Indie Musicians Are Singing for Bernie Sanders

On Monday, Super Tuesday Eve, a cadre of independent Nashville artists will take the stage at the Basement East in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Dubbed “Concert for the Revolution to Elect Bernie Sanders,” the show is the brainchild of local musician Dean Moore and features performances by Lissie, Darrin Bradbury, Joel King of the Wild Feathers, Sarah Potenza, and Brian Wright, among others.

To create a centerpiece for the concert, Moore, who has played bass for Truth & Salvage Co., Will Hoge, and Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, joined Amie Miriello (Boys Club for Girls) and Tim Jones (Truth & Salvage Co.) in writing a rallying anthem: “Our Kind of Revolution” includes many of the voices singing at the Concert for the Revolution, part of the BernieFest initiative.

Moore says the song, which he sums up as an indie “‘We Are the World’ for change,” came about quickly. “We had it put together, mixed, and mastered in a couple days. People immediately wanted to do the song. There is a groundswell happening and they want to be a part of something that moves the needle,” he says.

The Nashville vocalist Potenza, who adds a hefty dose of soul to “Our Kind of Revolution” and will also perform at the concert, got involved because of Sanders’ commitment to providing nationwide healthcare. “Here in Nashville we have seen friends lose their lives to treatable diseases. We have seen fellow musicians take their own lives because they struggled with mental illness. We believe that healthcare for all will have a great effect on those who need access,” she says. “I myself have been lucky enough to benefit from Obamacare. So for the sake of our community as well as others, we support Bernie Sanders.”

Net proceeds from all tickets sold will go to the Sanders campaign.

“In addition to healthcare and the environment, Bernie has also made it a priority that he wants to be an ‘arts president,’” Moore says. “He wants robust funding of the arts in schools, cities, and public spaces. He says art is speech and is what life is all about. We need to prioritize that as something that contributes to society.”

The day before the Concert for the Revolution, a second benefit show for Sanders will also be held in Nashville. “BernieFest: Not Me, Not You, Us” is set for Monday, March 1st, at Exit/In and includes performances by Captain Midnight Band, the Hardin Draw and others. Like Concert for the Revolution, 100% of net proceeds go to the campaign.

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