Woman divides internet by showing ingenious way to eat sushi with soy sauce

A woman has come up with a solution to save the mess every time you dip the sushi into a pool of soy sauce.

April-Joy Goodlet, from Brisbane in Australia, wowed viewers when she shared the clever hack on TikTok.

Describing the trick as an "Asian thing", the 26-year-old demonstrates how it can be done if you eat a sushi roll.

Instead of emptying the entire soy sauce bottle, April-Joy "injects" the seasoning into the roll, allowing the soy sauce to be absorbed within the seaweed wrap.

That way, the sushi won't crumble into pieces when you pick it up with chopsticks.

She adds: "Next time you eat sushi and you get soy sauce, do this and you're welcome!"

Her post has attracted more than 2.7 million views and nearly 48,000 likes since she posted it in April.

But her hack has divided the internet as some felt "violated" for doing it in an unconventional way.

One said: "We need to try this! This is amazing."

Another added: "Woah I never thought of that."

But others commented that the trick wouldn't work if the soy sauce comes in a packet.

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"Just dip it normally, there's no need for this," a food lover wrote.

A second added: "I felt violated to do this."

This came after a Brit foodie sharing a creation of "fry up pie" – a shortcrust pie loaded with a full English breakfast inside.

While some branded it as a two-in-one deal, others found it hideous.

A baker has left viewers in stitches after baking a "Percy pig pavlova" that ended up looking like "slaughterhouse".

He was trying to combine his friend's two favourite food and create a special one as a birthday treat.

"It was a risk, the sauce (or blood) is a mixed berry coulis," he admitted.

“Fruit was also provided if people wanted to sub it out. It was delicious, but also disgusting at the same time."

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