Woman gets revenge on Tinder date who ordered everything on menu and didn’t pay

A woman has opened up about how she took revenge on a Tinder date who ordered everything on the menu and made her pay twice.

Judy was looking forward to her date with Steve, a good looking businessman she had met on the online dating app.

They spoke for a while and realised they had a lot in common, so then they made plans to meet for dinner.

Speaking to news.com.au, Judy said: “It was a really lovely dinner and I offered to pay, just to be nice, as I had a good time. So, Steve said: ‘Next time dinner is on me’.”

A few days later, the couple organised another dinner, but this time Steve ordered almost everything on the menu, including a lot of wine.

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Judy continued: “It was like a feast, it lasted several hours. The talk was quite repetitive, the things he said on the second date were the same things he said on our first date, talking about his work and his family.

“He mostly spoke about himself. But it was okay, it was quite interesting.”

Then when it came to tackling the bill, Steve told Judy he had left his wallet at home and that she needed to pay for dinner.

Once again, cheeky Steve assured Judy that the next dinner was on him, so she had no other choice but to pay this time round.

Then when the couple dined for a third time, they went to an expensive restaurant where they ordered a lot of entrees, mains and plenty of wine.

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Judy explained: “It was very boring, he was saying the same things he’d already said before. When it came to pay, I was thinking, ‘I hope he doesn’t find a reason not to pay,’ and if he did, I’d teach him a lesson.”

So it came to that dreaded moment, Steve told Judy there was “something wrong” with his account and that she had to pay, again.

She wasn’t prepared to fork £127 (250 AUD) on dinner and so she told Steve that her wallet was in her car.

Judy continued: “So I left and never returned. I did a runner! I was laughing the whole time, I’ve never done that in my life. I just walked out.”

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