Woman raging as colleague suggests husband must be cheating as he buys her gifts

Who doesn't love receiving flowers from their other half?

Often men might use it as a way to apologise for something they did, while others are just cute.

Now one woman has been told by her colleague that her partner could be cheating as he keeps showering her with flowers.

Her co-worker made her feel bad about the gifts she receives as she's often sent flowers to her office once a week.

Not only did she make a comment about the presents, she also said it was "tacky" and a sign he is "overcompensating".

In a Reddit post, she said: "I have been in this job for 5 years. I have also been married to my husband for the same duration."

She added: "Except for the year we were working from home, my husband – who is a florist – has been sending me small bouquets of flowers every Monday. I have a small vase on my desk where I put them.

"This year a new woman joined our workplace. The first Monday she was here, when I received my bouquet, she asked if it was a special day. Another coworker said that it was a weekly gift from my husband. She made a face and changed the subject.

"But she started making comments every single Monday when the receptionist brings my gift in. Small things like: 'well we can't all afford to waste our money on stuff like that' or 'don't you think that's a bit tacky?'.

"I never reacted to her jabs. I am a pro at selective hearing. This last Monday she went over the line, in my opinion, she said, 'I think your hubby is overcompensating, are you sure he doesn't have a mistress?'"

After hearing the remarks, the woman decided to speak up and hit out at her co-worker's own marriage, causing her to burst into tears and leave work early.

She continued: "I was p***ed, and I said: 'Well some of us love our spouses and like to show it, not all of us are staying in a toxic relationship for the sake of keeping appearances'. Which was a low blow, since I knew that she was having trouble with her husband.

"She started sobbing and left work early. And while every single person in the office says that I was in the right, that I was more patient than they would have been in my situation, I can't help but feel like I went too far."

Commentators on the post were on the woman's side, claiming the colleague was "jealous" and "mean".

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One said: "She bullied you and then acted as the victim as soon as you defended herself. You don't owe her anything. Maybe she'll learn to think before she speaks next time."

Another added: "She asked for it by implying your husband is cheating on you out of jealousy."

A third commented: "She sounded jealous. Then just mean. She got what she deserves."

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