Woman’s cleaning hack removes dirt from cooker hood vent without any scrubbing

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Are you looking for any cleaning hacks to sort out your kitchen?

One woman has shared her incredible trick to dealing with cooker hood vents – and we can't believe our eyes.

Sarah Waldman, who works in recruitment and owns a business, was amazed by her results she had to share it on Facebook.

In the collage, which she posted on the Cleaning Tips & Tricks group, Sarah showed off her "dishwasher tablet trick".

The post read: "Omg… So I need to share! Went to do a clean the other day and the cooker hood vents were yellow and black.

"Hot soap water did nothing. Degreaser did nothing. The Pink Stuff did nothing."

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Sarah added: "Was just about to use bicarb and vinegar, when I thought I'd try the dishwasher tablet trick.

"OMG it was like using an eraser on pencil. It just came off! Unreal! So just wanted to share my pleasure."

And it was just that easy for Sarah, who has been in recruitment for 25 years.

She explained to Daily Star Online: "I literally stood them up in the sink on their side.

"Then dipped it in the dishwasher tablet in warm water and rubbed it over the grim."

She continued: "It forms a paste. I rubbed it in a little bit, and then washed it off. It disappeared before my eyes!"

Since Sarah shared the simple cleaning hack on the popular page, it garnered dozens of likes and comments.

One said: "Thanks need to do this."

Another suggested: "Put mine in the dishwasher then it came out sparkling."

While a third added: "I take them off the hood and put them in the dishwasher. They look like new when they come out."

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