You can get your own face printed on a face mask – and it is creepy

It is currently recommended that we wear face masks in public spaces where it is difficult to maintain social distancing – like on the tube.

Non-surgical face masks aren’t 100% effective, but experts say they can have an impact in limiting risk to yourself and other people. So it makes sense to wear one when you’re out and about.

A producer in Gandhinagar, India, has created a system that allows you to print the bottom half of your own face on to a mask – so when you wear it, it still looks like you. Almost like a camouflaged face mask.

And, to be completely honest, they look quite creepy.

Yes, it means that when you’re wearing a face mask people will still be able to tell who you are, it might make you feel less hidden away. But there is something jarring about seeing someone’s face, that isn’t really their face.

It’s a touch unsettling.

The masks themselves are the classic design. A standard cotton covering that provides a shield over the nose and mouth, with two elastic straps at the side which attach around the ears.

The main difference is that instead of a plain piece of fabric, or patterned fabric, the mask depcits the lower half of an individual’s face.

At least it means you will always be sure that you’re wearing your own mask, not somebody else’s.

To have a personalised face mask made, a photographer simple has to shoot a portrait of a customer before printing it directly on to a mask.

Arguably, the design of the mask doesn’t matter. As long as the barrier is sufficient and that it is worn correctly – covering the nose and mouth without begin removed – that is the key concern.

But, we have to admit the bespoke face designs are fun. And might help to reduce some of the weirdness of everyone wearing masks in public.

Or it might make things even weirder. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

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