You don't want to type 'Euros' into Google right now

England fans will want to move on from last night’s heartache as quickly as possible.

But it seems the world’s biggest search engine has one last twist of the knife to deliver before we close the book on Euro 2020.

Searching for ‘Euros’ in Google will throw up last night’s result alongside a cascade of digital fireworks taking the form of the Italian flag.

Great, just what we needed.

Of course, the Brazilians will feel the sting too after losing to Argentina because typing ‘Copa America’ into Google results in a dazzling display of blue and white.

In both cases, the digital pyrotechnics last for 10 seconds and then give you a button to press in case you want to see them again.

Although we don’t know why you would.


LMAOOO if you google the euros, it makes italy flag fireworks

Another button will also appear giving you the option to share the Easter Egg with someone else. Just in case you wanted to spread the misery even further.

Thanks, Google.

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