YouTuber Creates Deepfake Live-Action Anime Trailers

Anime fans that have always wondered what a live-action version of their favorite series would look like can finally rest easy. YouTube channel Fake Eiga FMT has a series of trailers created after hit series and films like One Piece, Attack on Titan, Evangelion, Demon Slayer, and Your Name.

Using existing footage from Hollywood movies like Pacific Rim, Pirates of the Caribbean, and 47 Ronin, to name a few, clips are edited along with special effects and some deepfaking to produce a pretty convincing trailer. While the channel does cover other topics in anime, it’s the live-action remakes that are gaining traction on the video platform, gaining close to 1 million views for its Evangelion remake alone. Scroll down below to have a look for yourself at some of the channel’s more memorable cuts.

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