Man told 'don't be a baby' by his boss while battling cancer

Cancer sufferer who was told to ‘grow up’ and ‘don’t be a baby’ when he took weekends off following ‘traumatic’ and ‘brutal’ treatment wins £40,000 for unfair dismissal General manager Steve Pointon was 36 when he was diagnosed with cancer  Mr Pointon earned £35,000 working for  Alpha Omega Securities in Cheshire  He was criticised for ‘not […]

Here's What You Should Be Watching On Thanksgiving Day 2021

There’s plenty to watch during downtime on Turkey Day! Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for family, friendship, food — and great television. While the turkey is in the oven and the pumpkin pie is being baked, make time to sit back and enjoy some holiday programming to get you in the spirit. Start […]

Teaching assistant could be struck off over holiday after sob story

Teaching assistant, 25, who faked compassionate leave but was caught when her boyfriend posted Facebook pictures of their holiday in Rome, faces being struck off Ella Griffith, 25, was a teaching assistant at Ysgol Cybi school in Anglesey, Wales She pleaded with her boss for compassionate leave to deal with a family matter Teachers then […]

Heidi Klum, 48, Eats Pie In Bed While Wearing Nothing But Lingerie

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge showed off her sexy snacking habits, in a photo where she relaxed in bed with some sweets. Most people are familiar with breakfast in bed, but dessert in bed is a whole other level! Heidi Klum revealed that she likes to kick back and relax with some sweets in the bedroom after […]

Families could be hit with higher council tax, Whitehall chief says

Families could be hit with higher council tax bills after hike in national insurance, Whitehall chief says Families could be hit with higher council tax bills due to national insurance hike £2billion of £14billion raised will be swallowed by higher public sector wage bills Councils which outsource services could be left with the bill and […]