Allegra Stratton's been sidelined, ANDREW PIERCE reveals

Allegra Stratton was the star TV reporter given the plum job of PM’s US-style mouthpiece (and even had a £2.6m set built for her). Now, in a vicious new round of infighting, she’s been sidelined. So asks, ANDREW PIERCE… Who unplugged No 10’s live wire? At an intimate dinner last July at Chequers, the Prime […]

Humans have been altering Earth's land for 12,000 years, study finds

Humans have been altering Earth’s land for 12,000 years, but the current environmental crisis is due the misuse of resources, study reveals A study finds humans have altered Earth’s surface for 12,000 years Only 27% of land was ‘untouched’ 10,000 years ago – today it is abut 19% Researchers determined ancient civilizations cared  for biodiversity hotspots […]

Gus Kenworthy Has Been 'Such a Help' for Colton Underwood After Coming Out

Athletic ally! Gus Kenworthy has been one of Colton Underwood’s go-to guys for support after coming out, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. The Olympian, 29, has been “such a help for Colton” since the former Bachelor, also 29, has come to terms with his sexuality, the insider says. Colton Underwood Films Reality Series With […]

You’ve Been Cleaning Your Ears Wrong Your Whole Life

As children, we were sternly told to always clean behind our ears lest something terrible should happen. And, as we grew up, we learned how to clean the inside too. After all, is there anything more disgusting than seeing someone’s ears overflowing with wax? The general perception seems to be that a wax-less ear is a clean […]

Richard Garriott has been to space, both poles and the Mariana Trench

‘If you are claustrophobic, you would not like the journey’: Meet the adventurer who’s become the first person to visit space, both poles and the deepest point in Earth’s oceans Richard Garriott will soon become the new president of The Explorers Club – he certainly has the credentials A voyage to the Mariana Trench makes […]

Davina McCall has been forced to step down as the host of Changing Rooms reboot

IT’S not just tacky wallpaper which will be replaced on the reboot of Changing Rooms – they will have to do the same with their host. I can reveal their star signing Davina McCall has been forced to stand down from presenting duties after the show’s new proposed dates clashed with her packed schedule. The […]

Why Prince Philip Has Been Hospitalized

When you get to age 99, your trips to the doctor may come more frequently. That’s exactly the case with Prince Philip, who recently was admitted to the hospital after feeling unwell, The Guardian reports. While the visit was not COVID-related, the palace shared that the queen’s husband went in merely as a precautionary measure. […]