There’s a ketchup packet shortage, but does anyone actually use them? A post shared by Heinz (@heinz) At the beginning of the pandemic we were scrambling to find masks, hand soap, sanitizer and of course toilet paper. Yeast was hard to find, because so many people were baking, and there was a shortage of shelf stable food like beans and pasta. While we have new […]

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has passed away at Windsor Castle

Well, I wasn’t expecting this. Prince Philip has passed away at the age of 99, almost two months before his 100th birthday. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at Windsor Castle, where he and the Queen had been in relative lockdown for much of the past year. Philip returned to Windsor in mid-March following his […]

Prince Harry & Meghan did a virtual mentoring session with a teenage girl

When I saw the headline about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Zooming with a teenager for a virtual mentoring session, one of my first reactions was dread. I worried that someone had posted a video and the teenage girl’s name, and that the child would face a barrage of harassment. But it looks like […]

Rep. Matt Gaetz under federal investigation for trafficking & abusing a 17-year-old

For a while, Matt Gaetz was just another interchangeable MAGA congressman looking to ally himself with Donald Trump. People immersed in Florida politics knew more about him – the family money, the multiple DUIs, the shady associations – but nationally, I don’t think people paid close attention to him until the absolutely bonkers story about […]

Why *did* Princess Diana believe that Tiggy Legge-Burke had an abortion?

It’s so weird that this story popped up yesterday, because over the weekend, I was thinking about Tiggy Legge-Burke and I read her absolutely bonkers Wiki page. Tiggy Legge-Burke was the nanny hired by Prince Charles when he and Princess Diana separated. Diana hated Tiggy immediately, and the feeling was apparently pretty mutual. Diana thought […]

Duchess Kate wrote the foreward for the ‘Hold Still’ coffee table book

The Duchess of Cambridge honestly doesn’t get that many unqualified “wins.” Usually her projects are just made up of asinine busy work, pie charts without data, half-assed surveys she stole from other sources, or it’s dumb, obvious embiggening schemes like her stupid “garden” which she barely had a hand in designing, and which she promoted […]

Britney Spears doesn’t actually want to do a sit-down interview with Oprah

Soon after Oprah’s cultural-reset interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Britney Spears’ fans began demanding that Oprah do a similar interview with Britney Spears. I honestly thought it was a good idea – Oprah is good at getting celebrities to open up, and we haven’t heard from Britney – in a sit-down, long-form […]