How to Tell the Difference Between Coronavirus Symptoms and Allergies

Your head hurts, your chest feels tight, your throat itches, and you keep coughing. It all begs the anxiety-inducing question: Is it coronavirus —  or just the same allergies that sneak in every spring? The answer is complicated by the fact that we're living through such a unique time when it comes to respiratory issues. […]

Studies Show Vaccinated Moms Can Pass COVID Antibodies to Babies Through Breast Milk

A number of new studies indicate that moms who have been vaccinated can pass along COVID-19 antibodies through their breast milk. In a study published in February, researchers at a number of universities, including the University of Rochester Medical Center, analyzed over 30 milk samples from 18 women who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. While […]

Jimmy Kimmel Points Out Sarah Palin’s Biggest Coronavirus Hypocrisy

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this week announced she was sick with COVID-19 and urged people to take the pandemic threat seriously and wear a mask. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said “good for her” for speaking out.  But he also pointed out that Palin made a trip to a Texas beauty salon last […]

WWE Champion Charlotte Flair Reveals She Tested Positive for COVID

13-Time WWE Champion Charlotte Flair announced on Monday that she tested positive for COVID-19. "I know everyone has been wondering where I have been," Flair, 34, began, before explaining, "I tested positive for COVID and have been home resting" The champion, who is the daughter of wrestling icon Ric Flair, added, "Thank you everyone for […]

COVID-19 outbreak partially shuts down Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

Former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club has been partially shut down because of a COVID-19 outbreak, a receptionist confirmed to CBS News. The extent of the outbreak at the club, where Mr. Trump has resided since leaving office, is not clear.  BREAKING: Former Pres. Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club is partially shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak. […]

evolvetogether Taps mindseeker for Face Mask Release

Following a collaboration with mastermind WORLD, evolvetogether has now tapped mindseeker for a face mask release. Utilizing its signature 98 percent bacterial filtration efficiency personal protective equipment design, the collaboration renders the mask in tonal sage green with evolve and mindseeker branding. Each mask features three layers of protection that maintains easy breathing and is […]