Jill Duggar Bares Arms, Chest, Even Bra Straps: How Will Jim Bob React?!?

At this rate? Jill Duggar may soon be posing in Playboy. Okay, perhaps not. Recommended: Last call! Sur La Table’s Overstock Sale ends today with Le Creuset, Scanpan and more up to 60% off Get us back on runway and Global Britain finally take off, SEAN DOYLE That may be a naked bridge too far, […]

Anna Duggar Can End Her Marriage. Two of Her Sisters Have.

It’s been about six weeks since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, and still, not a single member of the Duggar family has openly comndemned Josh or his actions. Of course, the simplest explanation for their silence is that they genuinely believe he’s not guilty. Sure, Josh has a history of molesting children, […]

Joy-Anna Duggar Reaches Out to Jill Amid Josh Duggar Sex Scandal

These are tumultuous times in the Duggar family. Whatever happens in the months to come, it seems unlikely that the Counting On clan will ever be able to return to business as usual. Even if he somehow manages to avoid prosecution, Josh’s life will forever be divided into before and after being arrested on child […]

Jinger Duggar: We Fled Arkansas in Dead of Night When Josh Scandal Broke

The news that Josh Duggar had been arrested on child pornography charges came as a shock due to the appalling nature of the allegations against the former reality star. But unfortunately, Josh’s actions aren’t all that surprising when one considers the many horrific things he’s been accused of in the past. Of course, no one […]

Jill Duggar: My Parents FORCE Us to Get Pregnant! Theyre Insane!

It’s pretty safe to say the estrangement is complete at this point. Social media speculation ran rampant for awhile. And then Jill Duggar hinted at it a number of times. Recommended: Desert-living dinosaur Shuvuuia had night vision, study reveals Who replaced Ant Middleton on SAS Who Dares Wins? Meet new DS But now the former reality […]