Sephora Has a New Favorites Kit That's Filled With Products From Black-Owned Brands

We love our Sephora Favorites kits; they’re the easiest way to try out new beauty products we’ve been curious about, and you know that since they have the Sephora stamp of approval, they’re worth the money. Plus, if you’re traveling and need minis of your favorite items, they’re all available in a favorites kit. The […]

A leading hairdresser has revealed how often you should be washing your hair

HOW often do you reach for the shampoo and conditioner? Well, according to a top hairdresser, probably too much. Stylist Julien Farel has revealed that while there's no strict rules – everyone's hair is different after all – we could be washing it too much. Speaking to GQ, he explained shampooing your locks every day […]

Heres The Hair Mask You Should Be Using For Your Specific Hair Type

Using a hair mask might mean spending an extra few minutes on your hair care routine, but regular hair mask use is essential when it comes to caring for your locks. As per Vogue┬áIndia, hair masks are “potent treatments” that are designed to target specific hair concerns, from dryness and frizziness to damage and a […]

30 Hairstyle Ideas For Prom That Will Really Make You Stand Out in a Crowd The end of the school year is fast approaching and that means one thing for many high school students: prom. Aside from the dress, your accessories, and your go-to nail shade, you’re going to have to consider your hair as well. Whether you’ve been planning out your prom day hair look since day one […]

\u200bThe 14 Best Shampoos For Curly Hair

Curly girls know the struggle of time-consuming wash days. The trick is to start your styling in the shower with one of these best shampoos for curly hair. “Products are key, starting with the shampoo,” says celebrity stylist and curl connoisseur Tippi Shorter. “Once hair is hydrated, less styling products are needed.” When it comes […]

The 7 Beauty Products Simone Biles Can't Live Without

Simone Biles’ Beauty Philosophy Simone Biles has always had a “low-maintenance” approach to beauty, but while sheltering in place throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the 24-year-old gymnast has put more importance on self-care. “This past year has really been about taking a pause and trying to focus on all the good things in life. I’ve slowed […]

Can hair dye boost breast cancer fight?

Can hair dye help fight breast cancer? Ingredients injected into tumours before radiotherapy could delay progression by TWO YEARS, scientists believe Scientists find ingredients in hair dye could delay breast cancer progression Out of a dozen patients in phase one trial, 11 were still seeing benefits a year later Their tumours either vanished, shrunk or […]

Tracee Ellis Ross's Chunky Butt-Length Braids Are the Perfect Summer Style

If there's anyone who's going to give you the summer hairstyle inspiration you need, you better believe it's going to be none other than Tracee Ellis Ross. Aside from showing her Instagram followers how to use Pattern products to create gorgeous natural hairstyles on an almost weekly basis, Ross has been having a lot of […]