Britain 'hit harder by Covid because it has avoided bad flu seasons'

Britain could have been hit harder by Covid-19 because it has avoided bad flu seasons in the past two winters as influenza kills the SAME vulnerable people, study claims Flu and Covid-19 riskiest for the elderly and those with preexisting conditions Data showed a trend between less intense flu seasons and high Covid deaths Belgium […]

Duffy 'finding it harder than she thought' to speak about horrific rape ordeal

Duffy has shared an update with fans, after recently revealing a horrendous rape ordeal which kept her out of the spotlight. Reaching out to Jo Whiley, the Mercy singer shared a statement on Instagram on Thursday night, hinting she’d sent a song to the radio DJ while also saying it was ‘harder than she thought’, […]

Why Men Are Hit Harder by the New Coronavirus

Radio station owner Carl Goldman has been in quarantine since February 3, a slog that began with confinement on the now-infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. Ultimately, Goldman, age 67, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and has since whiled away days in various medical settings, isolated from his wife, Jeri. Despite being with her husband […]